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KB450269 – Physical Locations to Slot from UUID in Linux

Scope/Description This article will show how to identify what slot on each controller translates to a physical port on LSI 9305 16i Controllers. Prerequisites System running a Linux OS Having LSI 9305-16i Controller cards installed Steps Below is a chart on how each physical port translates to a slot number in the drive bay area: […]

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KB450305 – Configuring OpenVPN on Ubuntu

Scope/Description In this guide we will be running through the steps to configure OpenVPN on Ubuntu to a windows client *It is also possible to have Mac as the client through the use of other methods such as viscosity* Prerequisites Ubuntu 20.04 Installed Steps Find your WAN IP by either going to google and typing […]

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KB450290 – Ubuntu 20.04 Houston UI Installation

Scope/Description This article will walkthrough the process of configuring a fresh install of Ubuntu20.04 LTS for Houston UI. Prerequisites Ubuntu 20.04 Server Internet access to server IPMI or KVM access to server Steps Getting the configuration script Use IPMI console or physical monitor and keyboard on server, doing this process via SSH will break the […]

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KB450133 – Rsync Tutorial

• Prerequisites: ssh access to your server containing your data, rsync and screen installed • Start a screen session: screen • Build your rsync command. Here’s an example: rsync -avhP –dry-run /my/local/files/ user@ Details on above: • rsync – starts the rsync program • -avhP – sets the various options for rsync. ‘a’ is archive, which will […]

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KB450183 – Replacing Drives in an Array using StorCLI on Ubuntu

Replacing a Drive in a Degraded Array This goal is to physically replace the disk in question and manually rejoin the disk to the degraded array, followed up by setting the disk into the rebuild state. First: check the topology storcli /c# show all This command should produce a topology list. Here is an example: […]

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KB450138 – How to install and start the Highpoint WebUI

Scope/Description This guide will show you how to install and start the Highpoint WebUI for Rocket 750 HBA cards Prerequisites A server with the highpoint HBA driver installed Steps First, make sure wget is installed Centos/Rocky yum install wget -y dnf install wget -y Ubuntu apt install wget -y Now we can download the WebUI […]

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