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KB450290 – Ubuntu 20.04 Houston UI Installation

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  • This article will walkthrough the process of configuring a fresh install of Ubuntu20.04 LTS for Houston UI.



Getting the configuration script

  • Use IPMI console or physical monitor and keyboard on server, doing this process via SSH will break the session due to network reconfiguration.
  • Log in as a user with administrator rights
  • Download ubuntu preconfig scripts onto system
curl -LO https://scripts.45drives.com/ubuntu-preconfig.sh

Running the configuration script

  • Run interactive preconfig script
sudo bash ubuntu-preconfig.sh
  • When complete, restart server and login to Houston UI at https://SERVER-IP:9090.


  • Confirm you can access the Houston UI through a web browser at https://SERVER-IP:9090.


  • Ensure you have external access configured on your server.
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