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KB450470 – Rocky Linux Houston UI Installation

Scope/Description This article will show the process to install Houston UI for Rocky Linux. Prerequisites Rocky Linux 45Drives Repository configured ZFS installed if utilizing the cockpit-zfs-manager module Steps Updating Rocky Linux First, we’ll upgrade our existing Rocky Linux installation. [root@rocky-45d ~]# dnf update -y Installing prerequisite packages We’ll require the epel-release package for some package […]

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KB450474 – Rocky Linux ZFS Installation

Scope/Description This article will show how to install ZFS on Rocky Linux with DKMS. Prerequisites Rocky Linux Steps Updating Server Ensure you update your server to the latest version. [root@rocky-45d ~]# dnf update -y Install using Rocky Setup Script They Rocky Linux Preconfig script will configure our 45Drives repository, configure ZFS and install our Houston […]

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KB450459 – Joining an Active Directory in Houston UI with Rocky Linux

Scope/Description This article will walk through the process of joining an Active Directory in Houston UI with Rocky Linux. Prerequisites Rocky Linux 8 Houston UI Windows Active Directory Credentials for Domain User with permission to authenticate Active Directory Join Steps Installing packages Install packages needed for domain join [root@rocky-45d ~]# dnf install -y realmd oddjob-mkhomedir […]

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KB450460 – Rocky Linux Redundant OS Installation

Scope/Description This article describes the process of installing Rocky Linux 8.4 on redundant boot drives. Prerequisites Rocky Linux ISO. Steps Configure Boot Drives into Mirrored Array Boot into the ISO, select Install Rocky Linux 8. English is the default language, just click continue to proceed with the installation. First, setup the Installation Destination. Select both […]

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Setup iSCSI Storage Server on Rocky Linux

Scope/Description In this article, we’ll cover setting up iSCSI targets on Rocky Linux. Prerequisites A ZFS storage array configured Steps Install necessary packages for iSCSI dnf -y install targetcli Create a ZFS dataset to store iSCSI images Create a ZFS dataset with your naming scheme of choice, in this case we’ll use “images” Multiple iSCSI […]

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KB451402 – Nextcloud with Nginx Proxy Manager on Rocky Linux

Scope/Description This guide will cover the process used to install and set up Nextcloud as an internet-facing application with an SSL certificate tied to a domain. Prerequisites Rocky Linux installed and running with all 45Drives scripts A registered or otherwise hosted domain Ports 80, and 443 port forwarding on your router A DNS record from […]

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