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KB450460 – Rocky 8 Linux Redundant OS Installation

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  • This article describes the process of installing Rocky Linux 8.4 on redundant boot drives.


  • Rocky Linux Minimal ISO.


Configure Boot Drives into Mirrored Array

  • Boot into the ISO, select Install Rocky Linux 8.

  • English is the default language, just click continue to proceed with the installation.

  • First, setup the Installation Destination.

  • Select both boot drives for the redundant install, make sure to click Custom and then to proceed click Done.

  • Click the New Rocky Linux 8 Installation drop down, and click the + to add a mount point.

  • Create a 20GiB swap mount, then click Add mount point.

  • Edit the swap point to Raid1 for mirrored boot drives. Once Raid 1 is configured, click Update Settings.

  • Now create the second mount point / as 200GiB. Then, click Add mount point.

  • Again, edit the mount to be a Raid 1 mirrored setup, then click Update Settings. Then, click Done.

  • Accept Changes on the summary pages. This will conclude the configuration for the Installation Destination.

*** If  you are greeted with the following error after creating the “/” parition, Please see Troubleshooting section for further details.

Configure Networking

  • Next, the networking will be configured. This section can be skipped if you wish to setup the networking after the install.

  • Select the interface you wish to configure, turn it ON. Then, click “Configure…“.

  • In this example, I am configuring using IPv4, if you are using IPv6 edit those settings. Set the method to Manual, and fill in the following information, Address, Netmask, Gateway and DNS. Then, click Save.

  • You can set the hostname within the network configuration tab, see below:

  • Once the networking is complete click the Done.

Setup Users

  • During the installation, the root password will need to be configured.

  • Fill in the password for root. If the password bounces back as Weak, you can click Done twice to override.

Begin Installation

  • Once the configuration of the installation destination, root user and networking is done you can click Begin Installation.

  • Once the installation is complete, click Reboot System.


  • After the reboot, the system should boot into Rocky Linux. To get Houston UI and 45Drives tools, see here.


  • If you come across the following error when configuring the boot devices’ RAID set-up, please follow to correct.

  • Click “+” to add another mount point and select “biosboot” & make the parition atleast 1 MiB in size.

  • Once the new partition is created, you will be able to complete the Manual Partitioning section.


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