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KB450470 – Rocky 8 Linux Houston UI Installation

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  • This article will show the process to install Houston UI for Rocky Linux.



Updating Rocky Linux

  • First, we’ll upgrade our existing Rocky Linux installation.
[root@rocky-45d ~]# dnf update -y

Installing prerequisite packages

We’ll require the epel-release package for some package dependencies.

[root@rocky-45d ~]# dnf install epel-release

Setting SELinux to Permissive

  • We’ll have to set SELinux to permissive.
[root@rocky-45d ~]# sed -i 's/^\(SELINUX=\).*$/\1permissive/' /etc/selinux/config && setenforce 0

Installing Houston UI and modules

  • Now, we can install Houston UI and any modules it has.
[root@rocky-45d ~]# dnf install -y cockpit cockpit-pcp cockpit-zfs-manager cockpit-benchmark cockpit-navigator cockpit-file-sharing cockpit-45drives-hardware cockpit-machines cockpit-sosreport
If installing the cockpit-zfs-manager module, you will also have to install ZFS seperately.

Configuring Firewall

  • Next, we’ll have to open the firewall port for access to Houston UI.
[root@rocky-45d ~]# firewall-cmd --add-service=cockpit --permanent; firewall-cmd --reload

Enabling Cockpit systemd service

  • Now, we’ll enable and start the cockpit systemd service.
[root@rocky-45d ~]# systemctl enable --now cockpit.socket


  • We can access Houston UI at https://SERVER-IP:9090.


  • Ensure you have configured 45Drives repositories so you are able to download 45Drives packages.

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