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KB450294 – Proxmox 6 Redundant OS Installation

Scope/Description This guide will show how the process of installating Proxmox on redundant boot drives. Prerequisites Proxmox 6 ISO Steps Installing the OS Once we boot into the installation media, we’ll be greeted by the Proxmox Installation screen. Once here, we can select Install Proxmox VE. This will begin the installation, which will take a […]

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KB450268 – Clustering Proxmox Nodes

Scope/Description This article will walk through the steps to cluster together Proxmox nodes. Prerequisites 3 or more Proxmox Nodes Able to communicate between Proxmox Nodes Steps Creating the Proxmox Cluster First, we’ll have to select the Cluster tab to begin. Once we’re here, we select Create Cluster. Once we select Create Cluster, we name the […]

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KB450414 – Migrating Virtual Machine Disks from VMware to Proxmox

Scope/Description This guide will run through a step-by-step process to migrate your ESXi disks that exist in a VMDK format over into Proxmox, and then re-build those VMDK’s into a format that Proxmox can understand and use within Proxmox VM’s. VMware has 2 main ways it consumes network storage. This is where VMware creates its […]

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KB450303 – Proxmox Ceph Repositories

Scope/Description This article will show to use the most up to date ceph repositories in Proxmox. The default ceph packages in the Proxmox repos are Ceph v12, and are out of date. It is recommended to use the same version of Ceph on the Proxmox as the external cluster This applies to using Proxmox with […]

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KB450293 – Proxmox Highly Available VM in Error State

Scope/Description This article will waktrhough the process of fixing a proxmox VM that is entered an error state sue to an underlying problem such as storage failure. Prerequisites Resolved whatever error caused the VM to fall into an error state before attempting this process. Steps A VM that is managed in HA group can enter […]

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KB450244 – Configuring External Ceph RBD Storage with Proxmox

Scope/Description This article walks through the process of adding an external Ceph Cluster to a Proxmox Virtual Enviroment for Virtual Machine (VM) Image storage. Prerequisites A running Ceph Cluster A storage pool created for rbd storage A running Proxmox 6.2 or greater environment Steps for EC Pools The process differs depending on storage pool type, […]

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