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KB450427 – Nextcloud with Nginx Proxy Manager on Ubuntu 20.04

Scope/Description This guide will cover the process to setup Nextcloud as an internet facing application with an SSL certificate tied to a domain. Prerequisites Ubuntu 20.04 installed and running with all 45Drives scripts A registered or otherwise hosted domain Ports 80, and 443 port forwarded on your router A DNS record from your domain to […]

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KB450428 – Nextcloud Self Signed Certificate with Nginx Proxy Manager

Scope/Description This guide covers setting up a self signed SSL certificate on Nextcloud. Prerequisites A working ubuntu 20.04 install with 45 drives packages and scripts Nextcloud and Ngnix proxy manager installed (following this guide) Steps We will be using openssl to generate a cert and key file, install openssl with the following commands: sudo apt […]

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KB450312 – Connecting SMB Share to Nextcloud

Scope/Description This article describes the process to connect a samba share to Nextcloud. Prerequisites Samba Share configured Nextcloud configured Internet Access Steps Installing smbclient package Ubuntu apt install smbclient CentOS yum install smbclient Connecting SMB share to Nextcloud Go to https://SERVER-IP/nextcloud. Go to “Apps”, find “External Storage”, Click “Enable”. Go to “Settings>>Admininstration>>External Storage” Fill in […]

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