KB450312 – Connecting SMB Share to Nextcloud

Last modified: June 9, 2021
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Connecting SMB Share to Nextcloud


This article describes the process to connect a samba share to Nextcloud.


Samba Share configured

Nextcloud configured

Internet Access


  • Install smbclient on the server.


apt install smbclient


yum install smbclient
  • Go to https://SERVERIP/nextcloud. Go to “Apps”, find “External Storage”, Click “Enable”.

  • Go to “Settings>>Admininstration>>External Storage”

  • Fill in required information, i.e. Name, SMB, IP, Path and samba login information. Click the check mark to connect.


To verify the permissions are working correctly create a file on the nextcloud side. Access the server terminal check the permissions using ls -al. Make sure you are able to delete/edit in Nextcloud.


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