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KB450472 – Intelligent Tiering with Lifecycle Management on Ceph (S3)

Scope/Description This guide runs through in detail what lifecycle management is, how to deploy it, and how to create custom storage classes with RGW’s. Prerequisites This guide assumes you have a Ceph cluster deployed with 2 RGW’s in place and the required RGW pools created such as buckets.data, buckets.index, buckets.non-ec, rgw.log rgw.meta. If this is […]

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KB450295 – Creating & Using Ceph S3 Buckets

Scope/Description This article will provide a step-by-step on how to create a S3 user, creating a S3 bucket and then how to link that bucket to either push or pull data. Prerequisites Ceph Cluster An S3 service to make use of Ceph’s S3 offering, such as Amazon, Azure, etc. Rados Gateway services must be installed […]

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KB450270 – Configuring Ceph RGW to use SSL with HAProxy

Scope/Description This article will walk through the process of configuring Ceph RGW to use SSL with HAProxy Loadbalancer. Prerequisites Ceph Cluster running either Nautilus(v14) or Octopus(v15) RGW gateways configured and operating ceph-ansible-45d version 1.4.2 or greater SSL Certificate Steps Obtain SSL Certificate Run these commands on the ansible master node. When generating the Certificate Signing […]

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KB450422 – Configuring Ceph Object Storage to use Multiple Data Pools

Scope/Description This guide will run through the process of updating the default data pool that Ceph RGW uses to store object data for buckets. If your cluster is only going to use a single EC pool to store your object data on, you can simply update the default data placement policy, however, if the end-user […]

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KB450421 – Ceph RGW Garbage Collection

Scope/Description This article discusses the key garbage collection tunables to play with with large delete workloads on a RGW Ceph cluster Prerequisites Ceph cluster with RGW(s) deployed Steps The tunables for garbage collection below. Here is description of each For heavy delete RGW workloads it is recommended to start with the following. rgw_gc_max_concurrent_io = 20 […]

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