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KB450421 – Ceph RGW Garbage Collection

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This article discusses the key garbage collection tunables to play with with large delete workloads on a RGW Ceph cluster


  • Ceph cluster with RGW(s) deployed


The tunables for garbage collection below. Here is description of each

For heavy delete RGW workloads it is recommended to start with the following.

rgw_gc_max_concurrent_io = 20
rgw_gc_max_trim_chunk = 64

Further tunables to consider are below

  • Increase the amount concurrent io the cluster will spend on gc requests. (rgw_gc_max_concurrent_io)
  • Decrease the amount of time rgw will wait before purging an object (rgw_gc_obj_min_wait)
  • Decrease the amount of a RGW will hold a lease on the data to gc’d (rgw_gc_processor_max_time)
  • Decrease the amount of time between the start of consecutive garbage collector threads (rgw_gc_processor_period)
  • Increase the # of objects the gc data is spread across (rgw_gc_max_objs)



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