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KB450288 – Changing from FreeNAS to Houston

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This article details the process of changing your OS from FreeNAS to Ubuntu/CentOS. It includes the process of importing the pool and making necessary changes.


A FreeNas pool configured and Houston running on CentOS7/Ubuntu 20.04


FreeNAS System

  • Take note of everything configured (Share, Groups-Users, IPs)
  • Export the pool through the Web UI by detaching the pool. Click the cog on the pool and click detach

  • To confirm export run “zpool import” in the shell
  • Now remove the boot drives and boot with the new imaged boot drives with the new OS.


  • Boot the system and log into Houston
  • Update the system.
On CentOS7: yum update
On Ubuntu 20.40: apt update && apt upgrade
  • Look for your FreeNAS pool by running the following command:
zpool import

  • To use our device aliasing tools run “dmap” in the terminal.
root@45drives:~# dmap
root@45drives:~# lsdev

  • Go to the ZFS tab and click import pool

  • Go to the shell and run “zpool status” to confirm
root@45drives:~# zpool status

  • Run “zpool upgrade (poolname)”
root@45drives:~# zpool upgrade poolname

  • Delete all the extra unused FreeNAS datasets

  • To finish setting up your shares for certain use cases, see the guide(s) below.

KB450281 – Managing SMB/CIFS in Houston UI


KB450282 – Managing NFS in Houston UI

KB450299- Setup iSCSI Storage Server on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS



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