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Last modified: May 7, 2021
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Managing NFS in Houston UI


This article will cover creating and managing NFS shares in the Houston UI


  • 45 Drives Storinator with a configured storage array
  • Houston UI installed and accessible via a web browser [SER.VER.I.P:9090]
  • ZFS Cockpit Dependencies installed


  • In the Houston UI, navigate to the ZFS + File Sharing tab. To move forward with creating a NFS shares, the pool will need to already be configured. For this example, we have a pool named tank. Click the Create Filesystem button. If filesystem is already created Select the option button beside the filsystem and select “Configure Filesystem”

  • In the window that has been opened, click the NFS Share Radio Button, and click configure to enable the share
    • The default “NFS options” will suffice for most cases


  • Open firewall port for NFS server, select the NFS3 service if you need to connect via NFSv3


  • Verify that the shares is active with “showmount -e”

  • Mount share on another server to ensure access


If trying to mount on Mac and connection fails ensure insecure is added to flags and that the following service in running “rpc-statd.service”

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