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KB450284 – Managing Networking in Houston UI

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  • This article will show how to manage networking in Houston UI


  • Access to Houston UI
  • Network Manager installed and configured


  • In the networking tab, we can see our interfaces, and the option to create bonds, bridge, or VLANs. We can also directly select an interface to configure its settings.

  • If we select the interface directly, we can edit iPv4, iPv6, and MTU settings. Here we’ll edit our iPv4 settings.

  • Here we’ll assign a static IP, and set the default route and DNS. Here we’ve set an IP of 192.168.*.*, subnet of /16, and a gateway of For DNS we’ve set, and

  • We can also configure a bond by selecting the Add bond. Here we’re bonding interface eno1 and eno2 together within a Active backup bond.

  • Here we can see our bond is created.


  • Verify the network interface(s) have been configured correctly in the UI, or by running “ip a” in the terminal.
root@ubuntu-45d:~# ip a


  • Ensure you have Network Manager installed and configured.
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