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KB450306 – Resolving Clock Skew Issues on PetaSAN

Scope/Description This article will cover resolving issues with clock skew on PetaSAN. These issues are often displayed on the dashboard and can be referenced in the ceph.log file Prerequisites PetaSAN Clustered solution SSH Access PuTTy or some other form of SSH client Cluster reporting “Slow/Blocked Ops” or “Clock Skew” Steps Verify that the issue regarding […]

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KB450301 – Windows ACLs PetaSAN

Scope/Description This guide will demonstrate the steps to create and configure your CIFS shares to allow Windows Domain Admins to manage user/group access. Prerequisites PetaSAN cluster with CephFS + CIFS deployed Joined Active Directory Package “attr” is installed Steps Select “Add CIFS Share” from the CIFS shares page within the dashboard Create your CIFS share […]

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KB450413 – Updating PetaSAN to Latest Version

Scope/Description This article will cover how to update your PetaSAN nodes to the latest version. It may be necessary to perform this when standing up a second cluster with the intent of replicating data between the two. Prerequisites An installed and configured PetaSAN based Ceph cluster PuTTy or similar SSH utility to SSH into the […]

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KB450401 – Creating Erasure Code Pool in PetaSAN

Scope/Description This article will walk through the process of creating an Erasure Code Pool in PetaSAN along with creating the rules you will need for your pool. Prerequisites A minimum of 3 nodes active and running Steps The First step is creating a rule for the type of redundancy you want for the pool and […]

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