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KB450301 – Windows ACLs PetaSAN

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This guide will demonstrate the steps to create and configure your CIFS shares to allow Windows Domain Admins to manage user/group access.


  • PetaSAN cluster with CephFS + CIFS deployed
  • Joined Active Directory
  • Package “attr” is installed


  • Select “Add CIFS Share” from the CIFS shares page within the dashboard

  • Create your CIFS share name, and choose your preferred file system layout
    • For Authentication, choose the user that is creating this share for reference – This will not be the owner of the share, however in the Petasan dashboard it will show this user name for reference in the future. Click save.

  • SSH into one of the Petasan nodes that is serving CIFS shares to clients, and change directories to your CIFS directory from within CephFS.
    • Note: the path may be different depending on the CephFS layout you have chosen for your shares.

  • Give domain admins group rights to own the share with chown, and then give the group access with chmod.

  • Grant the SeDiskOperatorPrivilege privilege to the domain group that will configure share permissions
net rpc rights grant "45LAB\Domain Admins" SeDiskOperatorPrivilege -U "45LAB\administrator"
Enter 45LAB\administrator's password:
Successfully granted rights.
  • Permissions can now be managed and configured via Windows from a Domain Admin account.




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