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KB450282 – Managing NFS in Houston UI

Scope/Description This article will cover creating and managing NFS shares in Houston UI Prerequisites Access to Houston UI Cockpit File Sharing Module and Packages Installed NFS Packages Installed NFS Services Running and Enabled NFS Ports Open on Firewall (111/tcp, 111/udp, 20048/tcp, 20048/udp, [2049/tcp, and 2049/udp if NFSv3]) Steps In Houston UI, navigate to the File […]

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KB450415 – NFS Mounting with Incorrect File Ownership

Scope/Description This article will cover resolving an issue when mounting NFS shares that are not honoring the permissions when mounted on a NFS client. Prerequisites Storinator or Cluster with a configured storage pool SSH access to the server or cluster Configured and accessible NFS share(s) Diagnosis On the NFS client we can see the issue […]

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KB450094 – Single Server Linux NFS Setup

Your storage solution may need to make use of a NFS share. NFS allows a system to share dictories and files over a network, and allows users and programs to access network files as if they were local files. The advantage of a NFS share is ‘in the pudding,’ so to speak. Users don’t need […]

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KB450448 – Mounting NFS Share to Linux Client

Scope/Description This article describes the process of mounting an NFS share to a linux client and to mount on reboot. Prerequisites NFS Share Configured on a Server, see here nfs-common installed on client(detailed below) Steps Install NFS Package Ubuntu Use the following command to install nfs-common, this is required to mount NFS share to the […]

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