KB450420 – Setting up Shadow Copy for SMB Shares

Last modified: July 20, 2021
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This guide will walk you through the steps to enable shadow copy on an SMB share running on ubuntu 20.04


  • Server running Houston with Znapzend


  • Configure auto snapshot with znapzend, follow the guide below:

KB450410 – Automated ZFS Snapshots and Replication

  • Once a replication task is created, Go to the “File Sharing” tab and click on the share you wish to add shadow copy to.

  • Once editing, you can click the “Populate Shadow Copy settings”.

  • Now the required parameters should be added to the “Advanced Settings” box. Then click “Apply”.
If you are adding these parameters to a pre-existing share you may need re-input the previously used parameters on that share

  • After applying the changes you should see them successfully added to the share.


  • Connect to your share and try to view the snapshots under “Previous Versions” under the properties.


  • Verify there are snapshots being made on the server.
  • Restart the samba service.
  • Remap the Network Share on the Windows Client
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