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KB450178 – SAS3IRCU Commands

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This article details the process of downloading the necessary packages to use the SAS3IRCU commands. These commands can be used to locate drives on specific controller cards within the system.


A configured Storinator running CentOS or FreeNAS

FreeNAS comes with packages pre-installed


Install SAS3IRCU on CentOS

  1. Download the sas3ircu command:

wget http://images.45drives.com/tools/sas3ircu

  1. Copy the sas3ircu command file to the /usr/local/bin directory.

cp sas3ircu /usr/local/bin

  1. To enable the command to be executed, as root, run the command:

chmod +x sas3ircu

General SAS3IRCU command syntax

sas3ircu <controller_#> <command> <parameters>

To list the controllers

sas3ircu list

To show the controller status

sas3ircu <controller_#> status

To turn on the drive light

sas3ircu <controller_#> locate <Enclosure:Bay> ON

To turn off the drive light

sas3ircu <controller_#> locate <Enclosure:Bay> OFF

To view additional help for the command

sas3ircu help

To list all adapters

sas3ircu list

To display adapter details and drive details

sas3ircu <controller_#> display

*Note indexing starts at 0 and ends at n-1, keep in mind when trying to locate the specific slot a drive is placed in.

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