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KB450146 – Power Requirements

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  • The chart below will show the required Wattage for powering a 45Drives storage server
All ratings are based on fully populated systems


Unit Maximum (W) Standing (W) UPS Sizing (VA)
XL60 1200 W 800 W 1334 VA
S45 900 W 600 W 1000 VA
Q30 600 W 400 W 667 VA
AV15 300 W 200 W 334 VA
Stornado 400 W 270 W 445 VA
C8 240W 141W 267 VA
Mi4 210W 111W 234 VA
2U CEPH 180W 110W 230 VA
A single dedicated receptacle with 120V and 15A output will be sufficient for any of the units.
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