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KB450126 – R750 Driver Fix on CentOS 7.6 or Higher

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Due to a library incompatibility with the new CentOS update please follow the below steps to install the Rocket 750 Driver:


Download and Unzip:

wget http://images.45drives.com/r750drivers/Linux/R750_v1.2.7_linux.tar.gz

tar -xvzf R750_v1.2.7_linux.tar.gz



Make the following file:

vim fixcompissue.sh


Enter the following in the text file:

echo “This script tried to declare driver license from Proprietary to GPL to avoid compliation issue as RHEL 7.6 changed the API referred to GPL only.”

if [ -d /usr/share/hptdrv ]; then

find /usr/share/hptdrv -name osm_linux.c | while read line; do

sed -i.bak /MODULE_LICENSE/s/Proprietary/GPL/ $line

echo “$line [Changed]”



echo “License replacement has been completed. Please restart system to check the driver loading status.”


Make the file executable:

chmod +x fixcompissue.sh

Run the following:




Upon reboot all the drives should be in the system with the driver installed without issues.

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