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KB450129 – Erase Disk is greyed out in KillDisk

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  • KB450129 – Erase Disk is greyed out in KillDisk
  1. Open your user folder from the desktop
  2. Click on File System in the directory tree on the left
  3. Right click on the root folder and select “Open as administrator”
  4. Enter your password
  5. Click on View and then select Show hidden folders
  6. Open to the following folder: /.local/share/LSoft Technologies Inc/KillDisk for Industrial Systems
  7. Open the settings.xml file.
  8. Edit the following section so that attributes is equal to 2:

<bay title=”1-1″ port=”03:00.0:03″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_23″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”1-2″ port=”03:00.0:02″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_6″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”1-3″ port=”03:00.0:01″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_14″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”1-4″ port=”03:00.0:00″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_20″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”1-5″ port=”03:00.0:07″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_10″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”1-6″ port=”03:00.0:06″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_3″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”1-7″ port=”03:00.0:05″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_7″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”1-8″ port=”03:00.0:04″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_21″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”1-9″ port=”03:00.0:11″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_12″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”1-10″ port=”03:00.0:10″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_18″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”1-11″ port=”03:00.0:09″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_41″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”1-12″ port=”03:00.0:08″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_15″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”1-13″ port=”03:00.0:15″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_4″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”1-14″ port=”03:00.0:14″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_17″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”1-15″ port=”03:00.0:13″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_2″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”2-13″ port=”04:00.0:14″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_25″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”2-12″ port=”04:00.0:15″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_26″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”2-11″ port=”04:00.0:08″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_32″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”2-10″ port=”04:00.0:09″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_33″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”2-9″ port=”04:00.0:10″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_35″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”2-8″ port=”04:00.0:11″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_36″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”2-7″ port=”04:00.0:04″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_37″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”2-6″ port=”04:00.0:05″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_38″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”2-5″ port=”04:00.0:06″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_39″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”2-4″ port=”04:00.0:07″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_40″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”2-3″ port=”04:00.0:00″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_27″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”2-2″ port=”04:00.0:01″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_28″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”2-1″ port=”04:00.0:02″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_29″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”2-0″ port=”04:00.0:03″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_30″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”1-16″ port=”03:00.0:12″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_31″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”2-15″ port=”04:00.0:13″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_11″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”2-16″ port=”04:00.0:12″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_42″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”3-1″ port=”05:00.0:03″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_45″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”3-2″ port=”05:00.0:02″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_13″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”3-2″ port=”05:00.0:01″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_9″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”3-4″ port=”05:00.0:00″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_22″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”S1-1″ port=”00:11.4:02″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_5″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”S1-2″ port=”00:11.4:03″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_34″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”S1-3″ port=”00:11.4:04″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_19″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”S1-4″ port=”00:1f.2:05″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_1″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”S1-5″ port=”00:1f.2:06″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_44″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”S1-6″ port=”00:1f.2:07″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_43″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”S1-7″ port=”00:1f.2:08″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_8″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”S1-8″ port=”00:1f.2:09″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_16″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>
<bay title=”S1-9″ port=”00:1f.2:10″ sys-name=”” id=”bay_24″ attributes=”XXXXXX”/>

  1. Once these steps are completed, restart KillDisk and you should now be able to use the Erase Disk option.
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