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Last modified: June 11, 2020
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CephFS Kernel Mount using Secretfile


This guide will show you how to mount a cephfs filesystem on a linux client using the kernel driver and secret file.


  1. A running Ceph Cluster
  2. CephFS filesystem running on a Ceph Cluster
  3. The IP or host-name of one or more Ceph monitors
  4. Access to a linux client system that is able to connect to the Ceph Cluster through a network


1. Install required packages and dependencies on the linux client system

The only package required on the client is the ceph-common package and dependencies

For CentOS 7:
cat <<EOF > /etc/yum.repos.d/ceph_stable.repo [ceph_stable] baseurl = http://download.ceph.com/rpm-nautilus/el7/$basearch gpgcheck = 1 gpgkey = https://download.ceph.com/keys/release.asc name = Ceph Stable $basearch repo priority = 2

baseurl = http://download.ceph.com/rpm-nautilus/el7/noarch
gpgcheck = 1
gpgkey = https://download.ceph.com/keys/release.asc
name = Ceph Stable noarch repo
priority = 2


yum install ceph-common

2. Determine the location you wish to mount your ceph filesystem on the linux client and create the proper path:

mkdir /mnt/mycephmount

3. To authenticate, copy secret-client-admin-keyring to client system in secret file

On any ceph monitor system:

Create client user admin keyring:

ceph auth get-key client.admin > admin.secret

Copy it to the client machine

scp admin.secret clientIP:/etc/ceph/

On client system:

Ensure the permissions are set appropriately for the file most likely:

chmod 600 /etc/ceph/admin.secret

4. Mounting filesystem

Kernel Driver Mount:

Create location to mount CephFS:

mkdir /mnt/mycephfsmount

Mount the filesystem:

mount -t ceph {ip-address-of-ceph-monitor}:/ /mnt/mycephfsmount -o name=admin,secretfile=/etc/ceph/admin.secret













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