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Last modified: November 27, 2019
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**NOTE: By default, FreeNAS has sas3ircu & sas3flash already installed in the OS. The same commands for SAS3IRCU will work in FreeNAS with the only difference being you don’t have to start the command with “./” in front of sas3ircu.

To install SAS3IRCU on CentOS:

wget http://images.45drives.com/tools/sas3ircu

chmod +x sas3ircu

General SAS3IRCU command syntax:

./sas3ircu <controller_#> <command> <parameters>

To list the controllers:

./sas3ircu list

To show the controller status:

./sas3ircu <controller_#> status

To turn on the drive light:

./sas3ircu <controller_#> locate <Enclosure:Bay> ON

To turn off the drive light:

./sas3ircu <controller_#> locate <Enclosure:Bay> OFF

To view additional help for the command:

./sas3ircu help

To list all adapters:

./sas3ircu list

To display adapter details and drive details:

./sas3ircu <controller_#> display


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