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KB450053 – HotSwapping Drives During Drive Wiping

Since version 10.7 of KillDisk this feature is available. If you are not running 10.7 and would like to please contact info@45drives.com and you will be provided with a update package. How To Simply plug or pull drives at any time when using KillDisk, you will see a new drive appended to bottom of the […]

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KB450054 – KillDisk Industrial Best Practice Guide

Following the Best Practices, freezing and crashing of the KillDisk Industrial Application will be greatly reduced. Click on the link to read the Best Practice Guide written by both KillDisk and 45 Drives. Best Practices Guide

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KB450131 – KillDisk Industrial Features

Click on the link to read the features of KillDisk Industrial. KillDisk Features

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KB450132 – KillDisk Industrial Guides

Click on the link to read a variety of guides for KillDisk Industrial KillDisk Industrial Guides

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KB450267 – Changing save location for KillDisk PDF Certificates

Scope/Description This article will walk through the steps to change the save location of the certificates in killdisk Prerequisites Destroyinator Steps Create a file on your desktop by right-clicking selecting create folder Name the folder Open KillDisk Open the Preferences tab Open Erase Certificates Click the 3 dots at the end of the “Save certificate […]

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KB450124 – Location of Killdisk Erase Certificates

Scope/Description This article describes the process of changing the location where the killdisk erase certificates are saved. They can be saved to a specific directory, network share, or configured to print automatically. Prerequisites Killdisk Installed Steps Create a file on your desktop by right clicking selecting create folder, Name the folder whatever you want. Open killdisk […]

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