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KB450309- Installing MinIO on Ubuntu 20.04

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  • This article details the installation process of MinIO on Ubuntu 20.04.


  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Internet Access to System
  • Text Editor Installed on System


  • Download MinIO scripts onto the system.
curl -LO http://images.45drives.com/setup/minio-install.sh
  • Edit the MinIO script. Make the changes in the image below with for the customers specific case.
vim minio-install.sh


  • Make the script executable then run the MinIO Script wait for installation.
chown +x minio-install.sh
  • Restart the MinIO service and check the status to confirm it is running
systemctl restart minio

systemctl status minio

  • When complete login to the MinIO UI at UI at https://SERVER-IP:9000, default access key and secret key is minioadmin as default.

  • To change the access key and secret key you have to edit the minio.conf.
cd /opt/minio 
vim minio.conf
  • Then add the following text, to edit the secret key and access key.


  • To verify I will connect with a Windows 10 system using Cyberduck.
  • On the Cyberduck software, click “Open Connection”. Then fill out information below, S3 (HTTP), IP Address. Port: 9000, access key, and secret access key.
  • Once you connect on Cyberduck, try to create a folder to ensure the connection is working.

  • Verify on the server the folder was created.



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