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KB450144 – Inserting Storage Drives

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  • This article details the process of putting storage drives into the 45Drives Unit.


  • 45Drives Chassis


Top Loading (AV15, Q30, S45, XL60)

  • Once your unit is racked or in its final destination you can now start installing the storage drives.
  • The numbering on the slot goes from left to right for all rails.
  • It is best practice to install the drives from starting from index 1-1 and sequentially incrementing in order.

  • The drive should fit snugly into a slot. Make sure the back of the drive is facing the right when placing in the slot.

  • Depending on the size of the unit (15, 30, 45, 60) you can keep inserting the drives from left to right filling up the slots.

  • The last slot in every row will be a little bit trickier but the slots should be lined up perfectly for each drive to fit in.

  • After all the drives are inserted into the slots, you can close up the unit and move on to hooking up the needed cables to your unit.

Front Loading (Mi4, C8)

  • When dealing with one of our front loading servers (Mi4 or C8) you will see a little button on the left hand side to push in to eject the tray that holds the hard drives.

  • With the HD tray popped out a little, you will slide it out all the way and place the HDD into the tray.

  • With the HDD in the tray, you will slide the holders back into place in your server.

  • Your front loading server is now populated with drives.


  • The drives are seated correctly in the bays, and power on when the system is powered on.


  • Ensure you are lining up the drives correctly when inserting. The bays are designed in such a way it should force it to line up automatically, but just ensure you are not twisting or applying pressure against the drive bays when inserting your drives.

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