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KB450033 – How do I replace a failed drive with LSI 9361 cards

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The recommended utility to use with the LSI 9361 SAS card is StorCLI. StorCLI allows command line tools to manage and control LSI MegaRAID controllers.

It can be downloaded at –> https://docs.broadcom.com/docs/12351376

Once the rpm package is downloaded, extract it to a directory on your Storinator. From there, changing into that director and run the rpm package. ‘rpm -ivh storcli-x.xx.xx-x.noarch.rpm’

This will install the StorCLI tool and place it in /opt/MegaRAID/storcli

Whenever using the StorCLI tool in the command line, you must first change into the directory mentioned above ‘cd /opt/MegaRAID/storcli’

To check the status of all drives connected to a given controller, use the following command ‘./storcli64 /cx/eall/sall show’ where x is there controller number.

This will result in an output like the following which tells the user which slot of the controller each drive is plugged into, along with the corresponding state of each drive.

When dealing with a failed drive in an array, below are the appropriate steps to take:

1. Set the failed drive as Offline –> ‘./storcli64 /cx/ey/sz set offline’

x = Controller number

y = Enclosure Device ID (Seen above as EID)

z= Controller defined slot number

2. Set the failed drive as Missing –> ‘./storcli64 /cx/ey/sz set missing’

3. Spindown the failed drive –> ‘./storcli64 /cx/eall/sy spindown’

4. Remove the failed drive and replace it with a new drive (same model)

5. The rebuild should start automatically (If configured) and can be monitored –> ‘./storcli64 /cx/eall/sall show rebuild’

If auto rebuild isn’t turned on –> ‘./storcli64 /cx/ey/sz insert dg=0 array=0 row=0
(dg, array, row correspond to the Topology table from ‘./storcli64 /cx show all’)
Then start the rebuild manually –> ‘./storcli64 /cx/ey/sz start rebuild’
(Topology table will have state ‘Rbld’ for that drive)

One can increase the rebuild rate, as its default is set to 30%, but increasing this will decrease I/O performance.  ‘./storcli64 /cx set rebuildrate=A’ (A = Number ranging from 0-100.)

Since the LSI 9361 has 24 ports, ranging from 0-23, the first controller (controller 0) will always be full. relating the controller slot to physical slot can be seen below.

To assume a 45 drive chassis, the second controller (controller 1) would look as follows.

  • Since there is only one drive on the last port of the controller, the controller sees the drive as on the fourth port of the wire instead of the first. This is due to the type of cable used.
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