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KB450086 – Setting ZFS ARC Limit on Linux

Scope/Description ZFS on Linux defaults to use only 50% of available RAM in the system. This should be bumped up to 80% in a sole ZFS server, and 70% if other tasks (non ZFS) are running as well. Here is a website to convert bytes to gigabytes, as the inputted value needs to be in […]

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KB450206 – Adding Log Drives (ZIL) to ZFS Pool

Scope/Description This article details the process of adding a slog or log drive to your zpool. A log drive will log synchronous operations to the disk before it is written to the pool. ZIL/Log The ZFS Intent Log is a logging mechanism where all the of data to be written is stored, then later flushed […]

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KB450207 – Adding Cache Drives (L2ARC) to ZFS Pool

Scope/Description This article details the process of adding a L2ARC or cache drive to your zpool. L2ARC can be used to improve performance of random read loads on the system. L2ARC In a ZFS system a caching technique called ARC caches as much of your dataset in RAM as possible. This allows frequently data to […]

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KB450302 – Recovering ZFS Pool From Backup

Scope/Description This article will walk through the process of recovering a ZFS storage pool from a backup and re-enabling replication task afterwards Scenario: Initial setup of two servers, one “primary” and one “backup” primary -> ZFS auto-replication setup between the two server such that “backup” is a copy of “primary” “primary” experiences massive failure […]

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KB450999 – Removing GELI Encryption from ZFS Pool

Scope/Description This article will show you how to remove GELI encryption from a ZFS pool while keeping the data. This does not require the GELI Key file but the pool must be unlocked prior (using the passphrase if you had created one. It is not necessary if you have not created a passphrase). When this […]

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