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KB450242 – Windows Server 2019 Configuration

Scope/Description This document will walk through how 45Drives configures a Storinator using LSI 9361-16i HBA Cards along with Windows Storage spaces. We will walk through creating the RAID with MegaRAID Storage Manager, and then using Windows Storage Spaces to Stripe those RAIDs together to appear as one big Storage Volume. Prerequisites Must have Windows Server […]

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KB450193 – Creating Mirror Accelerated Parity Volumes And Storage Tiers in Storage Spaces (Windows Server 2019)

Scope/Description Set up Storage Tiers in Storage Spaces Create a Mirror Accelerated Parity Volume Prerequisites Be running JBOD LSI cards, or at the minimum, have your RAID controllers set to pass through (JBOD) mode. Ideal storage arrangement would be to have an 80/20 setup of 80% HDD to 20% SSD if you want to create […]

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KB450475 – Mirroring Boot Drives in Windows Installation

Scope/Description This article will show you how to mirror the C: Drive filesystem within Windows OS with two boot drives Prerequisites A server with redundant boot drives Windows OS installation Steps Once you have the Windows ISO of your choosing installed to one of the SSDs in the server and have booted into it, open […]

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