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KB450199 – Setting up Static IP in FreeNAS via Command Line

Once FreeNAS has booted up and you see the main menu (below), type 1 then return to start configuring the network interface(s). We only have one in this tutorial. You will then be prompted to select an interface. Enter the number not the name of the interface. E.g. 1. You will be asked if you […]

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KB450192 – Replacing a boot drive within a mirrored RAID on FreeNAS

Open your FreeNAS UI in a browser. From the System tab, select Boot Click the Status button Select the drive that is currently UNAVAILABLE Click the the Replace button Select the appropriate device from the Member Disk drop down and click Replace Disk

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KB450999 – Removing GELI Encryption from ZFS Pool

Scope/Description This article will show you how to remove GELI encryption from a ZFS pool while keeping the data. This does not require the GELI Key file but the pool must be unlocked prior (using the passphrase if you had created one. It is not necessary if you have not created a passphrase). When this […]

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