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KB450447 – Creating RBD Images with Ceph Dashboard

Scope/Description This article will show how to create RBD images within the Ceph Dashboard for mounting on client machines. Prerequisites Ceph Dashboard configured RBD Replication Storage Pool configured RBD EC Storage Pool with RBD Replication Metadata Pool configured Steps Accessing the Block/RBD Section First we’ll navigate to the Block section within the Ceph Dashboard. From […]

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KB450234 – Mapping RBD Images

Scope/Description This article will walk through how to map a Rados Block Device (RBD) image to a client machine. This article will also walk through creating a XFS filesystem and mounting it to a directory. Prerequisites Ceph Cluster RBD Pool created RBD image(s) created Ceph Common package installed on client(s) Steps Copying Ceph Conf and […]

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KB450425 – Ceph Windows RBD Image Mapping

Scope/Description This article will show you how to map Ceph RBD images to Windows clients directly. Ceph now has native windows drivers/support that allows to map RBD images directly. Prerequisites A standing Ceph cluster Windows Client with Ceph for Windows drivers Installed An RBD image created Steps Installing Ceph for Windows First we will need […]

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KB450435 – Creating and Expanding LVM volumes using RBD images

Scope/Description This article will go over the process of creating an LVM with multiple Ceph RBD images on a Linux client to present as storage, and expanding that storage. Prerequisites Ceph Cluster with RBD pool Ceph Common package installed on client machine(s) RBD image(s) created RBD image(s) mapped to client Steps Editing lvm.conf file to […]

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KB450304 – Assembling RBD mdadm Raids on Boot

Scope/Description This article will show how to ensure mdadm raids built on rbd will mount on boot. Due to the order of the linux boot process, mdadm devices built with rbd’s will not be assembled on boot time. This article provided the solution using a systemd service. Prerequisites RBD images mapped and configured for auto […]

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