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Last modified: May 24, 2021
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CentOS 7 – Bare Bones Houston Installation

Description: This article will cover installing the 45 Drives Houston UI from a bare bones, minimal installation of CentOS 7.9. Also covered: setting up Samba shares


  • CentOS 7.9 installed
  • Internet access to download necessary repos and files
  • 45 Drives hardware(For the hardware page)


  1. Install CentOS 7.9. Be sure to install it on your SSDs, create a redundant boot array if you have a second available. You will need to manually create the partitions if you’re doing this from the installation menu.
  2. Run a yum update

After the update is complete, reboot the OS.


  1. Install epel release, tar, and change selinux to permissive. Reboot the OS once again.

  1. Curl the 45drives repo

    curl -o /etc/yum.repos.d/45drives.repo http://images.45drives.com/repo/centos/45drives-centos.repo

  2. Install the following repos: cockpit cockpit-pcp 45drives-tools

    yum install -y cockpit cockpit-pcp 45drives-tools

  3. Enable the cockpit socket

    systemctl enable –now cockpit.socket

  4. Add a firewall rule for the cockpit

    firewall-cmd –permanent –add-port=9090/tcp ; firewall-cmd –reload

  5. yum install http://download.zfsonlinux.org/epel/zfs-release.el7_9.noarch.rpm

  6. yum install -y zfs

  7. echo “zfs” > /etc/modules-load.d/zfs.conf

  8. modprobe zfs

  9. Reboot once more. Upon reboot, run dmap, then lsdev to review the changes dmap made. It should clearly display the installed drives in each slot and their identifiers.
  10. Install all the following dependencies for Samba:

    yum install -y realmd oddjob-mkhomedir oddjob samba-winbind-clients samba-winbind samba-common-tools samba samba-winbind-krb5-locator krb5-workstation samba-client

  11. Systemctl enable –now smb.service

  12. yum install -y cockpit-zfs-manager cockpit-45drives-hardware

  13. Reboot once again. Houston should be installed and ready for use.
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