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KB450262 – Reseating Power Harness

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The article will walk through how to reseat your power harness in your Storinator


  • Phillips head screwdriver


  • Power off the system
  • Unplug power cables
  • Remove from rack
  • Hold power button located at the rear for 20 seconds
  • Remove rear cover panel (6 screws)


  • Locate power harness (by middle fan shroud)


  • Might be tucked under the fans (can be removed with 4 screws on newer Storinators)


  • Unplug the long white 20pin connector (This will be a 24 pin on newer Storinators)
  • Re-plug in the long white 20pin connector
  • Ensure connector is properly connected and that all wires and connectors are seated and secure
  • Replace rear cover
  • Rerack unit
  • Plug-in power cables
  • Press the power button to boot the system



Power the system on and verify all your drives are showing up


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