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KB450187 – Flashing LSI 9305 Controllers in CentOS

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  • To download and upgrade the firmware of your LSI 9305 Controllers



  • Once you have sas3flash downloaded to your machine, make it executable by running: chmod +x sas3flash


  • Once it’s executable, you can check the current firmware version: ./sas3flash -listall

 NOTE ** These LSI 9305 16i Controllers are running the latest firmware available (FW Ver but for purposes of this article I will show you the steps to upgrade to this version on           your 9305s that may be running FW 15 or less.


  • To obtain the firmware update for this controller for version 16 run the following command:

wget http://images.45drives.com/Firmware/LSI9305/16i/SAS9305_16i_IT_P.bin


  • The commands to upgrade the controllers would be:
    • ./sas3flash -c 0 -f SAS9305_16i_IT_P.bin
    • ./sas3flash -c 1 -f SAS9305_16i_IT_P.bin
    • ./sas3flash -c 2 -f SAS9305_16i_IT_P.bin


Verification: Run the command “./sas3flash -listall to see that controller you update is now running Firmware version




  • If you update one of the controller successfully and then attempt to run another immediately and it fails, just reboot the server. This was a common issue when the firmware update was first released.
  • After rebooting, the second controller should update successfully.
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