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Last modified: December 10, 2020
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Every Storinator that leaves the 45 Drives Production facility is given a serial number. Depending on how old your Storinator is, finding the serial number will vary.

For older models of the Storinator, the serial number can be found on a white sticker inside the unit on the Fan Bracket.

More recent models of the Storinator have the serial number on a white sticker on the right hand side of the chassis in reference to the front panel of the Storinator.

Starting on July 1st 2017, Storinator’s will have their serial number along with other information written internally to the BMC/IPMI chip on the motherboard.

There are two ways to access this information:

  • Using ipmitool in the command line.
  • Through the IPMI web interface.


Using ipmitool

To install this command line utility, run the following command corresponding to your OS:

  • CentOS –> sudo yum install ipmitool
  • Ubuntu & Debian –> sudo apt install ipmitool

To view the Storinator’s information, run the following command:

[root@gluster1 ~]# ipmitool fru
FRU Device Description : Builtin FRU Device (ID 0)
Chassis Type  : Unspecified
Chassis Part Number  : N/A
Chassis Serial  : N/A
Board Mfg Date  : Sun Dec 31 19:00:00 1995
Board Mfg  : Supermicro
Board Product  : X10SRL-f
Board Serial  : 7282010187
Board Part Number  : N/A
Product Manufacturer  : 45Drives
Product Name  : Storinator
Product Part Number  : S45
Product Version  : 5.0
Product Serial  : 54193-1
Product Asset Tag  : N/A

Using IPMI Web Interface

  • Open a web browser and enter the Storinator’s IPMI address, when prompted login.
  • Once logged in, Click on ‘FRU Reading’ in the left hand drop down list.
  • You should now see information regarding Storinator model, serial number, motherboard model and serial number etc, Shown below.


How to enter your serial number on an older Storinator

Below are the commands necessary to do this. – NOTE: You must have internet connection to download the script.

  * wget images.45drives.com/setup/serial.sh
  * sh serial.sh

The questions you will be asked are:

  * Storinator or Destroyinator?[S/D]
  * Enter Chassis Choice:
  * Enter Serial Number: 
  * Enter Board Choice
  * Enter Board Serial Number:
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