KB450225 – Locating Drives in FreeNAS with LSI Controller Cards

Last modified: May 6, 2020
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Scope: To physically locate hard drives in the chassis while using FreeNAS OS.

Prerequisites: FreeNAS installed; Storage hard drives installed in chassis.


To locate a drive within our system for any reason such as sector errors, failures and replacements, you would start with retrieving the serial number of the drive in question. For this example, we will use da5 with a serial number of ZA2AD35R.

Next I would go to the shell or a SSH session as we will be using the following commands:

sas3ircu __ display | less    **

The blank will be which controller you want to look at. For example, a Q30 model would have two controllers (one controller per row) and would be labeled controller 0 & 1. (3 for the S45, 4 for the XL60).

The “ | less “ will allow you have the output start at the beginning of the message so you can scroll through the drives connected.

As I scroll down, I see the matching serial number which states it’s in slot “5”. Now, ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS, like the controllers, the drives start numbering at 0 and not 1.

So where the commands tell us the drive is located on controller 0, slot 5, that translates to the physical slot 1-6.


If your drives have the serial numbers labeled on top of the drives, you can confirm without removing it from the system.


**These commands are for systems that have the LSI 9305 controller cards installed. If have our legacy LSI software RAID controllers, LSI 9201s, the same commands will work if you use “sas2ircu” instead of “sas3ircu”.

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