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KB450458 - Managing CephFS with Ceph Dashboard

KB450458 - Managing CephFS with Ceph Dashboard

Posted on August 30, 2021 by Bailey Allison




Viewing CephFS Information

Viewing CephFS Clients

Viewing CephFS Directories

Configuring CephFS Quotas

Creating CephFS Snapshots



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KB450458 – Managing CephFS with Ceph Dashboard

Scope/Description This article will show how to view CephFS information, Ceph Pools configured, and directories created within CephFS. Prerequisites Ceph Dashboard configured. CephFS Pool configured. Steps Viewing CephFS Information First, we’ll have to navigate to the Filesystem tab within the Ceph Dashboard. From here we can take a look at pools that are configured to […]

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KB450228 – Mounting CephFS

Scope/Description This guide will show you how to mount CephFS filesystem on a Linux client using a kernel driver mount and secret file. Prerequisites CephFS configured on a Ceph Cluster The IP or host-name of one or more Ceph Monitors Access to a Linux client system that is able to connect to the Ceph Cluster […]

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KB450404 – Creating Client Keyrings for CephFS

Scope/Description This guide will show how to create a new CephFS user, set permissions for CephFS directories, set quotas, mount the share, and make them persistent on the client. Assuming a CephFS directory setup with staging as a subdir, where cephx user:admin has rights to everything and cephx user:staging only has access to staging dir […]

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KB450431 – Removing CephFS Samba Shares

Scope/Description This article details the process of removing a samba share from your Ceph cluster. Prerequisites Configured Ceph Cluster Configured SMB share that you want to delete Steps Removing the SMB Sharing Protocol from the Directory To remove the share you will need to ssh into a gateway server. If you do not have gateways, […]

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KB450417 – Creating SMB Shares on Ceph

Scope/Description This article will walk you through the process of adding additional SMB shares to your existing Ceph Cluster Prerequisites Cluster Setup using Ansible SSH access to the Ansible Admin Node Steps SSH to the Ansible Admin node Navigate to the /usr/share/ceph-ansible/ directory root@osd1:~# cd /usr/share/ceph-ansible Edit the smbs.yml file root@osd1:~# vim group_vars/smbs.yml Go to […]

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