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KB450419 - Offlining a Ceph Storage Node for Maintenance

KB450419 - Offlining a Ceph Storage Node for Maintenance

Posted on April 9, 2021 by Matthew Hutchinson




Setting Maintenance Options

root@osd1:~# ceph osd set noout 
root@osd1:~# ceph osd set norebalance 
root@osd1:~# ceph osd set norecover


root@osd1:~# ceph -s

root@osd1:~# shutdown now

Disabling Maintenance Options

root@osd1:~# ceph osd unset noout
root@osd1:~# ceph osd unset norebalance
root@osd1:~# ceph osd unset norecover


root@osd1:~# ceph -s



systemctl restart ceph-mon@hostname
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