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KB450087 - Parallel Rsync

KB450087 - Parallel Rsync

Posted on November 19, 2018 by Rob MacQueen

Parallel rsync allows you to copy with multiple threads so it can work on different files at the same time. The Parameter “P” sets the number of threads

  • ls -1 $LOCAL_DIR | xargs -I {} -P 5 -n 1 rsync -avh --progress $LOCAL_DIR/{} $RECV_DIR
  • -P sets number of parallel threads


ls -1 /mnt/mylocalfiles/ | xargs -I {} -P 5 -n 1 rsync -avh --progress /mnt/mylocalfiles/{} /mnt/myrecievingdirectory/

Remove {} after /mnt/mylocalfiles/ for Ubuntu

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KB450087 – Parallel Rsync

Parallel rsync allows you to copy with multiple threads so it can work on different files at the same time. The Parameter “P” sets the number of threads ls -1 $LOCAL_DIR | xargs -I {} -P 5 -n 1 rsync -avh –progress $LOCAL_DIR/{} $RECV_DIR -P sets number of parallel threads Example: ls -1 /mnt/mylocalfiles/ | […]

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How do I know one of my boot drives has failed? Open the Disk Utility and scroll down to your RAID devices. If one of them has failed you will see DEGRADED. Alternately you may open a terminal and enter the command “cat /proc/mdstat” This will list the current status of all RAIDs you have […]

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KB450288 – Changing from FreeNAS to Houston

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KB450272 – Installing Postgresql Server on CentOS 7 for DaVinci Resolve

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KB450238 – Recovering a Corrupted CentOS Boot Partition

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