KB450198 – Rebooting Ceph Storage Nodes

Last modified: June 9, 2020
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To reboot the Ceph Storage nodes, follow this process:

  1. Select the first Ceph Storage node to reboot and log into it.

  2. Disable Ceph Storage cluster rebalancing temporarily:

    $ ceph osd set noout
    $ ceph osd set nobackfill
    $ ceph osd set norecover
  3. Reboot the node:

    $ reboot
  4. Wait until the node boots.

  5. Log into the node and check the cluster status:

    $ ceph -s

    Verify all OSDs, MON and MGR services have started and rejoined cluster

  6. Log out of the node, reboot the next node, and check its status. Repeat this process until you have rebooted all Ceph storage nodes.

  7. When complete, enable cluster rebalancing again:

    $ ceph osd unset noout
    $ ceph osd unset nobackfill
    $ ceph osd unset norecover
  8. Perform a final status check to make sure the cluster reports HEALTH_OK:

    $ ceph -s
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