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Last modified: May 1, 2020
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Since our method of drive aliasing does not work on FreeBSD, there must be a way to find out specifically where a hard drive is located within the chassis of any given Storinator. The following guide will explain how to download and use our drive locator script to find the physical location of any hard drive in your chassis.

Note: You can find a list of hard drives installed by opening the FreeNAS WebGUI, clicking on the ‘Storage’ tab and then finally by clicking on the ‘View Disks’ tab.

From here you can locate the drive name of the hard drive you are looking to find the physical location of.

This drive name will be used combined with the script.


Start by downloading the Drive locator script from the 45 Drives images database.

[root@sl-freenas ~]# wget http://images.45drives.com/FreeNAS/scripts/drivelocator.sh
[root@sl-freenas ~]# chmod 755 drivelocator.sh

Script setup

The script requires input from the user in order to run properly. It requires two pieces of information from the user.

First is the generation of the card used in the Storinator (sas2 or sas3) However, in all current Storinators, the input will be sas3.

The second piece of information is the name that FreeNAS has given the drive. This can be found in the WebGUI as explained above.

[root@sl-freenas ~]# bash drivelocator.sh sas3 da5
The Serial number of your drive is <SERIAL> Please Wait. looking up physical location in Server...
The Physical location for drive da5-<SERIAL>  is : 1-6

You now have the physical location of the hard drive. Please refer to the wiring diagram for the model of Storinator you are using to match the physical location numbers with the diagram.

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