KB450164 – Drive Aliasing for CEPH

Last modified: October 23, 2019
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This article will explain how to install drive aliasing for 45Drives, 15, 30, 45 and 60 bay servers on CentOS 7.

Firstly you must have internet access.

  1. Install git:

yum install git -y

  1. Install ipmitool:

yum install ipmitool -y

  1. Install pciutils:

yum install pciutils -y

  1. Locate the tools package at: https://github.com/45Drives/tools.git
  1. Install the package: git clone https://github.com/45Drives/tools.git
  1. Once this is complete:

cd tools/

  1. Run this command:

sh alias_setup.sh

  1. Next run this command:

sh setup.sh

  1. Use the following source command:

source /root/.bashrc

  1. Then run this command:


  1. Finally run this command:


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