KB450122 – How to use Zcreate

Last modified: February 4, 2019
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Usage: zcreate

[-a] Set ashift value
[-b] Build Flag. Include to build the array
[-c] Custom Flag. Include for manual pool configuration
[-D] Destroys zpool
[-d] Specify how many drives to use.
Default is every drive attached to HBA controller
[-f] Force Flag. Use if bricks are already present on zpool
[-l] Specify RAID level
Default is “raidz2”
Options: “raidz[123]”, “mirror”, “stripe”
[-m] Specify alternate mount point
Default: /{pool}
[-n] Specify zpool name. Defaults to “zpool”
[-q] Quiet Mode
[-t] IF flag is present, DO NOT apply default ZFS tuneables
[-v] Specify number of VDEVs to use
[-z] Debug flag. Prints all varibles&temp files to terminal
[-h] Displays this message

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