KB450007 – How to move Plex to a new Pool in FreeNAS

Last modified: February 25, 2019
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  • The pool you are transferring the jails from is main_pool
  • The destination pool is ssd_pool
  • The jail root (Jails->Configuration) is /mnt/main_pool/jails
  • The new jail root will be /mnt/ssd_pool/jails


  1. Turn off all plugins (Plugins->Installed)
  2. Stop all jails (Jails->View Jails)
  3. Run these commands via CLI:[PANEL]zfs snapshot -r main_pool/jails@relocate
    zfs send -R main_pool/jails@relocate | zfs receive -v ssd_pool/jails
    zfs get -rH -o name -s received mountpoint ssd_pool/jails | xargs -I {} sh -c “zfs set mountpoint=/{} {}; zfs mount {};”[/PANEL]
  4. Change the Jail Root to /mnt/ssd_pool/jails (Jails->Configuration)
  5. Start jails/plugins
  6. Check that everything works and destroy the original jails dataset (main_pool/jails)
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