KB450032 – How do I find the Physical drive location while using the Adaptec RAID 81605Z card

Last modified: January 24, 2019
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When using the Adaptec RAID 81605Z card with the Storinator, there are a few tools which will be a big help in finding the physical location of drives.

Making use of Adaptec’s maxView Storage Manager, which is a web based software application that helps users build, and manage their storage space.

This can be downloaded onto your Storinator at http://storage.microsemi.com/en-us/downloads/storage_manager/sm/productid=sas-71605&dn=adaptec+raid+71605.html, making sure you select the correct operating system.

Below are the Steps to take:

  • Once the download is finished, extract the .bin file to a location where it can be run. To run it, first change into the directory it was placed in, and then ‘./StorMan-x.xx-xxxxx.xxx_xx.bin’
  • You will be prompted for configuration details, where the CIM Server HTTP Port should be 5988.
  • You do not want to install the Standalone mode, this disables the option to use the GUI, so enter ‘No’ when prompted.
  • To access the Web GUI, open a browser on any computer on the same network as the Storinator and type: https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8443 –> Where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the Storinator’s IP address.
  • If this brings you to a page that says the connection isn’t secure, just add it as an exception.
  • You will be brought to the login page where the username and password are that of the root user of the Storinator.

Once logged in, the next thing needed is to relate the drives in the GUI to the physical drives in the Storinator. Shown below is the overall mapping convention when using these cards.

Depending on the size of your Storinator, the number of cards in your machine will vary. (Q30 = 2 cards, S45 = 3 cards, X60 = 4 cards)

The example shown below shows the layout for one controller, showing that Controller 1 relates to the 1-X numbers seen on the Storinator’s grids. This is consistent throughout the other numbers, meaning Controller 2 relates to 2-X and so on.


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