KB450027 – Are the Storage Drives Hot Swappable

Last modified: November 18, 2019
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The Storage Drives are in fact hot-swappable when using Rocket 750 Cards, LSI 9201, LSI 9305, and/or LSI 9361. See list below of known supported hot-swappable drives:

Seagate EXOS

Name Capacity Model Result
Exos 7E8 4TB ST4000NM0115 PASSED
Exos X10 10TB ST10000NM0086 PASSED
Enterprise Capacity v7 12TB ST12000NM007 PASSED
Exos X12 12TB ST12000NM008 PASSED
Exos X14 14TB ST14000NM0258 PASSED
Exos X16 16TB ST16000NM001G PASSED

Western Digital/ HGST

Name Capacity Model Result
UltraStar 14TB DCHC350 PASSED

If your drive that has been hot swapped is a member of a RAID, visit article KB450023 that explains how to add a drive that was hot-swapped to a storage array.

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