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Last modified: February 26, 2019
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  • Problem: Experiencing crashes with Premiere when pressing the “Output Name” link when exporting the project. Windows OS (local storage or NAS storage)
  • Fix: OneDrive For Business should be uninstalled, groove.exe and grooveex.dll should be deleted or renamed.
    • They will most likely be present twice, once in ‘../Program Files(x86)/Microsoft Office_YEAR/’ and ‘../Program Files/Microsoft Office_YEAR/’
    • See this thread for a workaround if OneDrive and Premiere are necessary to run together on the same system.
  • To have NAS drives show up in media composer Open the Avid Media Composer Console (Tools→Console) and type “alldrives”. This will allow Avid to see NAS volumes.
  • Using an NFS share allows the system to use the mounted network drive as a local device, which will allow it to work with FCPX.
  • The default NFS mount settings in OSX do not include the necessary options for maximum throughput nor do they allow for the proper locking of files that FCPX requires. To enable your NFS mounts to use these settings you will need to add the following lines to the file “/etc/nfs.conf”.
    • nfs.client.mount.options=nfssvers=3,tcp,async,locallocks,rw,rdirplus,rwsize=65536
    • nfs.client.allow_async=1
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