KB450130 – Single Server Linux Network Bonding Setup

Last modified: April 15, 2019
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Configuring your Network Bond

Make use of the Network Management tool

  • nmtui
  • Edit a connection
  • Eno1, eno2 are onboard ports, other two are 10 GB NIC. Delete all interfaces to start fresh.
  • Add Bond
  • Profile name & Device = bond0
    Add Bond Slaves, your two 10GB NIC names (ens15f0 ens15f1) if applicable
    Mode = Adaptive Load Balancing (alb)
    IPv4 Config = Automatic if using DHCP, IPv4 Config= Manual if you want Static
    See the example below.
  • Scroll down to Back, and then go to Activate a connection
  • With bond0 highlighted, go over to <Deactivate> and hit Enter. You will then see <Activate> and then hit Enter again.
  • Then go down to Back, and then click OK to return to the command line.
  • ip addr show bond0 will show the IP address you can ping from the other servers.
  • ping
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